“You’re Spying On Your Job!”

How do you figure?
Well, you aren’t decided.
About if I want to stay there the rest of my life?
Yeah I might not be.
You should use some more of your soul when you go there.
Dream on.
Put yourself in my position. I was once 18, doing funny things and getting high. Now I punch a clock and I’m on probation. You’re not as nice to me as you once were. The things you say are crippling to my psyche. And you stare at other women.
I’m dating another woman.
Yeah I met her. She’s a real cutie.
I try.
Either you dump her or I’m cutting you off, no more exhibited charisma.
I do like your charisma.
Yeah well you can smell the charisma of my shit if you stay with that slut.
I can’t say.
It’s all you can do to contain yourself in your own righteousness, isn’t it!
You were once purer. {Pause} But you’re still very intense. I like to picture you as a botanist.
I do have that quality.
When are you gonna dump YOUR beau?
I’m not.

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