“Eric Clapton Has Some Poignant Words for Ginger Baker… but Was ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ the Right Selection for the Occasion?”

Ginger Baker, drummer of Cream, notable for extended solo-song “Toad” and for being somewhat of a “scoundrel,” [1] [2] left us for the stars last October. Clapton, though, Cream’s lead guitarist, assembled famous musicians like Roger Waters, Ron Wood and Steve Winwood in London just last night, presumably for London being the origin of Cream, […]

“A Look at To Bring You My Love’s Curious Journey from Critical Heavyweight to Bargain Big Stuffer”

Granted, it might have been that stupefyingly ugly outfit she’d wear on this tour that was like attempting to be Britain’s answer to American whoredom. For whatever reason, anyway, after receiving what was basically unanimous critical adoration upon its release, PJ Harvey’s third album, 1995’s To Bring You My Love, has been discursively lost in […]

“My Own Solipsistic Ranking of the Songs on My Own Solipsistic Yo La Tengo Mix I Must Have Made 11 Years Ago or So”

16 “The Power of Jazz” This song, granted, does have one thing commendable about it: you get a narrative of Ira Kaplan professing that “I thought I’d go to New York / And see what Doug was up to”. This little anecdote is perhaps marginally entertaining because it implies the proximity of YLT’s native Hoboken, […]