“Mapping out 10 Essential Pearl Jam Songs and Positing as to Why They Should Thereby Be Considered Undeniable Greats”

One thing is sure, anyway: the votes are still coming in on Pearl Jam. The Nirvana biography, appropriately enough, can provide an apt examination of this development, with its author Everett True basically in accordance with Kurt Cobain’s assessment of them as a “real commercial rock band,” and with the reference to the Beavis & Butthead […]

“Head Automatic Notes”

  – Drummer Larry Gorman was fired in October 2006. – Gorman was replaced by “New York hardcore veteran Sammy Siegler” in August 2007, according to Wikipedia. – Wikipedia reports that “Head Automatica started pre-production on their third album in late September 2007, aiming for a ‘darker’ sound and ‘grimy, dancefloor-friendly songs.’”  This very […]