“Michael Che – ‘Black Lives Matter’ Comedy Bit Transcription”

“We just can’t agree on anything anymore, as a country. We fight about EVERYTHING.” “Even ‘Black lives matter.’ “That’s a controversial statement! ‘Black lives matter!’ “Not ‘Matter more than you,’ just ‘matters! Matters! Just matters! “That’s where we’re starting the negotiations. We can’t agree on that sh**? What the fu** is less than ‘matters’? “‘Black […]

“Dude, Where’s My Hometown?”

It’s funny: one time this girl working at the White Castle in downtown Indianapolis, on South St., didn’t know where South Bend, Indiana was, or WHAT it was. It could have been an unorthodox equine fur hat, for all she knew. She was like, what’s that? Or where’s that? (Meridian Ave. in downtown Indy turns […]

“Untitled 254”

I sit there looking at a girl I like… I’ve toggled in and out of this reality 500 times it seems like, always trying to fit molds. There she is, a tiny little beer gut, in a black, cotton long-sleeve work shirt, pouring beers, smiling genuinely, smiling falsely, and going about the duties she has […]