“Warm for a Witch Trial, Enit?”

“Everything that happens in life is intrinsically like the person to whom it happens” – Point Counterpoint, Aldous Huxley Why do I feel like the ground is toppling out from under me? And why do I feel like there’s a motive for such a thing? Ok, I admit that I have started and stopped this […]

“A Bit on Cease to Begin — When Band of Horses Saw the Light and Didn’t Care What the Heck You Thought of it”

Sure, it’s hard to argue against the luminescent eliteness of Everything All the Time, the debut album by Band of Horses from 2006. Sonically, it set the tone with gorgeous, fruit-juicy guitars that provided a nice mix counterpart for Ben Bridwell’s soaring vocals that coincidentally seem to have a similarly celestial quality to Robin Pecknold […]