“Believe it or Not, the CD Player in My Car is Stuck on ‘Repeat’”

I know this is like a laughably awful and piteous story to tell but I really can’t get the CD player in my car off of repeat. I’ve tried everything from hitting the “Source” button a million times, to hitting the “Mode” button a million times, to turning it on and off, to detaching the face and putting it back on. And nothing cures it — that “repeat” mode strives on in the face of all my alterations. 

Now, perhaps I’m being lazy, refusing to listen to music in my car if I have to hit “skip track” after every track. One thing I’d like to offer is that for anyone who does claim laziness regarding this, I doubt you’ve ever actually had to do this. And, really, this brings me to a point about how much I love my music: I don’t want it to be a task. It should usher me into a dreamlike state, in fact: actually this past fall I’d planned a post on a whole series of fall albums that go by like a dream, that you don’t notice progressing from track to track, but just couldn’t seem to find the right day for such an undertaking. But I don’t want to associate my music with the laborious and the dutiful. It should be an escape from these trifles. With this being the case, I prefer riding in silence, or putting on a select few of the radio stations I’m not sick of, if the opportunity presents itself. 

It’s really a bummer because while that thing was working, my CD game was really pretty well-rounded and complete. I keep hearing these stories about how CD’s are making a comeback — this is funny because for me they really only went away for about three years or so, during a period in which I was streaming all of my music I listened to at home and didn’t have a car to drive around in. Once that car came back, so did the desire for CD’s, making it a good thing that I had this entire box full of them pictured below. There were beautiful albums I’d listen to, like Camera Obscura’s Let’s Get out of This Country, as well as downright scary ones, like Boss Hog’s self-titled. And I’d planned on buying the Ya$e album Black Sheep and bumping it because I needed something HYPE. You know how it is.



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