Camille Paglia, and most other people, for that matter, say that society is an artificial construction. Sometimes I feel like PEOPLE are an artificial construction. It’s like what exist even preeminent to science, preeminent to DNA, bone mass or clothing, are struggle, panic and mayhem. We simply take this shape, color and form as the sort of flavor-of-the-week, or of the few-dozen-millennia, partly based on the rest of the animal life on this planet. So that if the animal life were of a different shape, speed and mentality, as would be we.

Along with the socioeconomic gap today, which has failed to narrow despite nations’ cyberkinetic abilities to monitor each other with regard to wealth allocation, there’s a gap emerging both in physical stature, with the prevalence of fast food joints and their trans fats, and also simply of “attractiveness,” for lack of a better word. The compelling part is, though, that one time I saw a dude who was clearly mentally challenged, laboring in maligned ambulation down a rainy sidewalk on one of the many doomed blocks in my town, but with a certain unquestionable integrity, as if this man had exhibited impeccable character, transparency and honesty, only to be denied something requisite to his thriving. And in his ensuing days, so it seemed to me, no one was willing to provide for this man, to help him out, so wound up in struggle, in competition, were we American people.
And as bodies pile up abroad in wars for oil, the case of this man is contrasted with what I sometimes perceive as other anachronistic beings, the highly attractive who are sheltered. This is not to say I dislike these people, I just question why they are there. It seems that words themselves, not physical lunging or battering, had brought them into being, their subsequent lives seamlessly expert in embodying these words, whether they be “success,” “hygiene,” “agreeability,” “dinner party,” “patience” or what have you. They live a life of fitting in, they do not change, affect or alter their surroundings, and in this way make no one mad. Life for them is a continuous exchange of goods and energy, all of perfect balance. They are incapable of rubbing others the wrong way.
Yet, I think, they are still often confused. I think this is what typifies all of humanity, the vulnerability to confusion.

49 thoughts on ““Confusion”

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