“Dolby’s Neil Young Song Power Rankings – Fall 2021”

50 “Falling from Above” (Greendale

49 “See the Sky about to Rain” (On the Beach)

48 “War of Man” (Harvest Moon)

47 “New Mama” (Tonight’s the Night)

46 “Soldier” (Decade)

45 “Sail away” (Rust Never Sleeps)

44 “Ride My Llama” (Rust Never Sleeps)

43 “Helpless” (Unplugged)

42 “Saddle up the Palomino” (American Stars ’n Bars)

41 “Vampire Blues” (On the Beach)

40 “There’s a World” (Harvest)

39 “Southern Man” (After the Gold Rush)

38 “Thrasher” (Rust Never Sleeps)

37 “Look out for My Love” (Unplugged

36 “Roll another Number (For the Road)” (Tonight’s the Night)

35 “Welfare Mothers” (Rust Never Sleeps)

34 “The Losing End (When You’re on)” (Everybody Knows This is Nowhere)

33 “Alabama” (Harvest)

32 “Unknown Legend” (Harvest Moon)

31 “Ambulance Blues” (On the Beach)

30 “Round & Round (It Won’t Be Long)” (Everybody Knows This is Nowhere)

29 “Tell Me Why” (After the Gold Rush)

28 “Lookout Joe” (Tonight’s the Night)

27 “Pocahontas” (Decade)

26 “Ohio” ** (Decade)

25 “Lotta Love” (Live Rust)

24 “For the Turnstiles” (On the Beach)

23 “Old King” (Harvest Moon)

22 “From Hank to Hendrix” (Harvest Moon)

21 “Powderfinger” (Rust Never Sleeps)

20 “A Man Needs a Maid” (Harvest)

19 “Human Highway” (Neil Young Archives Volume II: 1972-1976)

18 “Tonight’s the Night” (Tonight’s the Night)

17 “The Needle and the Damage Done” (Harvest)

16 “Love is a Rose” (Decade)

15 “Like a Hurricane” (American Stars ’n Bars)

14 “After the Gold Rush” (After the Gold Rush)

13 “Cowgirl in the Sand” (Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

12 “Walk on” (On the Beach)

11 “Runing Dry (Requiem for the Rockets)” (Everybody Know This is Nowhere)

10 “Down by the River” (Everybody Knows This is Nowhere)

9 “Cinnamon Girl” (Everybody Knows This is Nowhere)

8 “My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)” (Rust Never Sleeps)

7 “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere” (Everybody Knows This is Nowhere)

6 “Four Strong Winds” (Comes a Time

5 “Harvest Moon” (Harvest Moon)

4 “Sugar Mountain” (Live Rust)

3 “Long May You Run” (Long May You Run)*

2 “Old Man” (Harvest)

1 “Heart of Gold” (Harvest)


*with Stephen Stills

** with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young



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