*This poem is conceived as a phenomenological parallel to, and ultimately a laudatory allusion to, Williams’ “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus.”


On a TV

Plays a music video

In a living room in a mansion,

Among ambitious ornaments


And in the music video,

A mix more acoustic than humanly possible

Emits a canary-like proclamation

That is simple,

That is nervous,

That is tired and

That is true,


With people overwhelmed and

Perceiving their own mortality

As crows crowd the electrical wires

Under an ancient moon and


The people are escaping, 

This escape rendered in moving picture

That sits in this mansion.


The next year will bring 

Copious undulations of identity,

Will bring serpents that coax

The lower elements 



Sirens, pale, buxom and pure,

That shoot hearts down with

Shadows of furies and

This will be all that lasts,

As a loud boom will emanate from 

The greenhouse next door


Which is Kurt Cobain shooting himself. 


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