“DD Review: Destroyer – LABYRINTHITIS.”

Score: 3/10 LABYRINTHITIS certainly wakes on a pretty daze, I’ve gotta admit. The first track is this seven-minute, watery, translucent groove that seems just singularly tranquil and sublime, “It’s in Your Heart Now,” toting with it a multiplicity of synthesizer that gives the song a certain texture and musical depth.  The problems start to arrive, […]

“Even Though ‘Summertime Blues’ Wasn’t Originally Written by The Who, it Seems to Encapsulate Their Artistic Disposition Perfectly”

Wikipedia dubs Live at Leeds “the first live album by English rock band The Who,” hence rendering it amongst the initial wave of live albums, all time. It follows the Grateful Dead’s Live/Dead, in this regard, by one year, and Jefferson Airplane’s Bless its Pointed Little Head by the same span. For whatever reason, the […]