“He Just Dropped off of My Year-End Honorable Mention but I Just Gotta Give a Shout out to My Man Page McConnell”

Page McConnell, keyboardist and vocalist committee constituent of the jam band Phish, hit us with his first solo album this year, Maybe We’re the Visitors. Now, up until this point, I’d associated McConnell with light-hearted, jazzy rock excursions like “Cars Trucks Buses,” a keyboard-jolted jam of which he’s listed as the primary songwriter. Even under […]

“It’s Either through a Low Cultural Coup or a Drug Glut That Television is Ignored as the Great American Rock and Roll Band”

When even the Grateful Dead start professing the need to sober up and start taking care of their bodies, you know there’s been a widespread movement toward straightness. With this being said, I wasn’t alive back in the ’70s, but from the general rhetoric I come across, it seems like you’d be hard pressed to […]

“Blitzen Trapper’s Last Album Possesses an Element of Darkness That’s Easy to Miss in Dark Times”

Now, just to explicate what I’m talking about here, Holy Smokes Future Jokes, the 10th studio album by Blitzen Trapper, came out in September 2020, almost a year before I’m writing this. So the “dark times” aspect I’m referring to pertains specifically to the shutdown, which was in its absolute throes then, obviously, and of […]