“The Tao of Uncle Kracker”

* tao: The art or skill of doing something in harmony with the essential nature of the thing [1]. Tao, the way I understand it, pronounced “Dow,” like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, is a tenet, or bi-product, perhaps, of Zen Buddhism. Roughly, it involves keeping the big picture of the greater good in mind, […]

“Wikipedia’s page on Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop Actually Has a Dual ‘Critical Reception’ Section on Account of the Profuse Psychosis Active within Humanity”

Sometimes the inmates run the asylum and it’s just amazing to me that Stone Temple Pilots’ “Lady Picture Show” never became a defining anthem of American society. The song is absolutely, terrifically great, with a series of elaborate, responsive melodies governing the verse, and a brilliant, awesomely pliable chorus that pares itself down to a […]