“Little Petey”

We’d all gone into the house. Little Petey stayed behind, sitting in the car. He sometimes did that so I didn’t think anything of it.  Five o’ clock rolled around, then, and Little Petey was still sitting in the car. Actually he had the windows up and the car didn’t have air conditioning, which kind […]

“Pixies Index”

Chapter 1: What are Pixies? Mom, what’s a Pixie? Well, son, ya see, it’s a member of the best da** band on the planet in the late ’80s, about one-tenth as preachy and ham-handed as R.E.M. and one-twentieth as overlong as U2, with every bit the songwriting moxie of each. And, I mean, they started […]

“The Original Apple ‘Focus’ Commerical Will Go down as a Television Achievement”

Commercials are 30-second pieces of film. Many times, today, they are in my opinion even more entertaining and well-done than TV shows. Also, ironically, it seems like it’s the insurance industry, theoretically the blandest and most formal sector of society, that tends to foster the best ad campaigns. Lots of commercials running nowadays are decently […]