“Police at the Donna Lewis Manor”

“Wow, are there a lot of flowers in this garden. And I’ve never seen so many ladybug-spotted umbrellas on picnic tables in my life. What pop star’s house was this again?”

“Donna Lewis.”

“Oh, jeez. I’m getting nervous.”

“Hehe. It’s just another job. Nothing to get worked up about.”

“She did that song ‘I Love You Always Forever,’ right?”


“Wasn’t she Welsh?”

“Yup. This was her horticultural retreat cottage.”

“Wales, that seems like an interesting place. Where Princess Diana was from.”

“Yeah. It’s like it’s got this fleeting, delicate sort of beauty that seems to undulate, ripple and crumble in your hands. You poke it and the whole thing falls over.”

“That’s exactly what it’s like.”

“Well, let’s get to work. Here’s the body, over here. Asphyxiation by roses.”

“Did Prince get a hold of her or something?”

“Prince’s son. Prince died in 2016.”

“Hmm. You know, I don’t see a picture of a man anywhere. That’s kinda funny, for the girl who sang ‘I Love You Always Forever,’ and whatnot.”

“Yeah, I dunno, dude. I’m not the Grammys. Hit the kitchen and look for any letters and documents. I’ll be in the master bedroom.”


[30 Minutes later…]

“Did you find anything?”

“Nope. But I had a killer lo-cal shake out of the fridge.”

“Oh, good. That’s a good look for you.”

“What about you?”

“Just this Jesus portrait… it seemed like it had a lot of fingerprints on it, so I’m going to take it in.”

“Whoa. Can I go in there real quick?”

“I dunno, can you?”

“Wow, there’s gotta be 30 pictures of Jesus on the wall in here.”

“Yeah, quite the Christian.”

“That must be who that song was about.”

“Hehe. Uh, ok?”

“I mean, listen to that song. The subject of that song could not be any earthly mortal. It’s beauty is absolutely surreal. And ‘I love you always forever.’ She expresses it so genuinely and cannot LOVE a human forever. We die, we decay, we decompose and we are forgotten. Only the chosen one, the one fallen for our sins and crucified, could garner that sort of celestial esteem.”

“Did you take your meds today?


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