“Speed Post: Lady Gaga”

I’ll admit, this post is cursorily at best about music. I’m writing it really fast because I have to go to work in five minutes. When I moved back to Indiana from Colorado in 2010 I had only a vague idea of who the fu** Lady Gaga was. Everyone would always talk about her, like making fun of her. This is ironic since she’s highly physically attractive. Everyone was really mad all the time and it might be the type of situation where men see this celebrity figure and think paradigmatically that they should be able to make fun of her but she’s triggering their libidos into next Tuesday. She would also just like act like everything was really stupid and awful so there might have been an added frustration from the fact that she didn’t transmit any type of useful cultural message or nugget of inspiration. She’s probably more attractive to me than Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift is like way goodie-goodie and freakin’ scrawny to be the sex idol I think she is. I’m not sure what that has to do with anything but I fu**ing hate Taylor Swift for starting out as this bit**y country cu** and then trying to patent the term “sick beat.” It’s a good thing I don’t know anything about Lady Gaga.