“Random Metal Mini-Spiel”

So Metallica can get up and ROCK. Nobody would deny that. They can do anything any other band can do, pretty much, and in that way, they’re “good,” I suppose. But that’s also kind of the problem, in itself — there’s no sense of them forging their own musical direction. Like in ’92, after Nirvana and Pearl Jam came out, they pretty much became a grunge band, abandoning the long, epic song structure for, basically, Alice in Chains songs, albeit not terrible Alice in Chains songs. In the late ’90s, they made it even more expedited, like Rob Zombie or Monster Magnet turned up a few notches. And there’s good stuff on this new album. But it gets stale and worn out so quick — and I mean how do you tell a band, yo, this riff is getting old, or this song could use some more creativity? To me Led Zeppelin is the antithesis of this — their music is so packed with ideas, creative flares and unexpected turns, bleeding originality, that I still don’t feel like I’ve caught up with it, today. This is of course ironic in that the typical rap against Zeppelin, should there one manifest, is that they ripped off the old blues boys. Well, I think we all survived, anyway.


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