“Breezy Speakeasies”

Spotify playlist.

Phish – “Chalkdust Torture” (live)

Steely Dan – “Dirty Work”

Stephen Malkmus – “Cash up”

The Breeders – “Fortunately Gone”

The Clash – “Straight to He**”

Chumbawamba – “Amnesia”

Interpol – “Say Hello to the Angels”

The Smashing Pumpkins – “Jellybelly”

Lower Dens – “Stem”

Smash Mouth – “The Fonz”

Wu-Tang Clan – “Shame on a Ni**a”

En Vogue – “Giving Him Something He Can Feel”

Wolf Parade – “Same Ghost Every Night”

Dirty Projectors – “The Bride”

Camera Obscura – “Let’s Get out of This Country”

Throwing Muses – “Golden Thing”

Counting Crows – “Raining in Baltimore”

The National – “Walk it back”

Liars – “What Would They Know”

Alice in Chains – “Hate to Feel”

Talking Heads – “Electric Guitar”

Beck – “Die Waiting”

James Brown – “Soul Power”

Pink Floyd – “One of My Turns”

Prince – “Partyman”

Peter Cetera – “Glory of Love”

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