The Best of Big Star (original)”

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Ah-ah-ah-EH-AH! Make another Best of Big Star to occlude my original Best of, will you! Yes, that’s right, Big Star might be the only band in history to have two different best-of’s, each of which is really just simply named The Best of Big Star… well da** it this new one is disqualified just for opening with “In the Street,” the ’70s Show theme song that Cheap Trick stole from them. “September Gurls” still kindles up a little magic in my heart every time I hear it and on a road trip through Tennessee (Chilton and the gang’s home state), the tense, anxious wizardry of “When My Baby’s beside Me” finally really hit me. And yes, per this blog, The Best of Big Star is still the true go-to hipster favorite Big Star album, in case you were wondering.



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