“DD Review: Sleepy Sun – Private Tales.”

Score: 4/10


Many bands in the past have tried to copy Pink Floyd and somehow, this particular act of larceny seems to produce some of the most disastrous results extant in rock. From the Secret Machines, to the Flaming Lips to the Arcade Fire, musicians which STRIVE to be dramatic always seem to unfortunately meld together all the worst elements of psychedelia (stasis, lack of kinetic energy) and pop (lack of meaning behind the music). In the case of Sleepy Sun, whose 2014 album Maui Tears DD found a terse, concise and hummable little opus, I think with Private Tales it’s just a matter of not having any freakin’ songs.
And da**, the album begins auspiciously enough — I actually like the four-minute drone session christened “Prodigal Vampire.” When you get to listening to so many of these freakin’ neat little 10-song, 40-minute albums (thanks Spotify), you live in constant fear of tedium. In other words, Phoenix – Ti Amo gets me like waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat like, no! No! No! Can I please like listen to my high school geometry teacher talk about syllogisms for any span of time that isn’t between three and four minutes???
The problem with “Seaquest” is that it resembles Snow Patrol. The problem with “When the Morning Comes” is that it carries this off-putting sort of faux-aggression, which seems in no way to comment on, inform or build on what’s come before it on the album. “It’s up to You” comes in all boring and drone-y and… if you’re still awake at this point, LAY OFF THE METH, BOY!

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