“Knowing a Thin”

Upon a moment of satisfaction and integral self-realization,

I feel, notice and acknowledge that I am defined by the things on this Earth that shift me

I’ve felt, as a native of an economically maligned municipality,

That life is a negative warzone,

And that legislation and society are moot,

Subservient to simple force,

Like in Deltron’s mention of ghettos “That’s set up to slaughter us.”

So, it’s like Common asks, “If you believe in heaven / Why is your choice hell?”

And I let the cross drop

Against the easel I left in 2007

Scrutiny being my biggest problem,

The bug eyes of people scanning me with a liquid, marsupial presence,

From up to down,

The sun of a perfect blond-haired woman,

Worthy of this anointing for the very reason of her insecurity,

Not crossing the street,

But appearing before the storefront, with a boyfriend

Her boyfriend defines her, and because she has a boyfriend with her, I leave her alone

Her sides the astonished soup of Saturday

As I walk across the cafe

Making an exit

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