“How Lily Allen Defies the Very Notion of Music Criticism”

Lily Allen put out a really crappy album in 2008 or so. But the title says it all: It’s Not Me, It’s You. It’s the papa razzi, those snapping photos of her, exploiting her physical assumption in lieu of the songwriting. I mean, just imagine how creeped out you’d be if you were this girl.

Strangely, from Alright Still, the classic debut album, “Friday Night” might justify the whole thing, the method to her madness, because on this cut, and on this cut alone, does she actually sound overmatched by life’s very routine antipathy. This is one end of the spectrum, the other being her veritably taking the skull of her competitor and lyrically braining it on a steel dish sink. Somewhere in the middle lie “Not Big”, “Shame for You”, “Smile” and “Nan You’re a Window Shopper”, four pop songs on a pop album that more than promote its classic clout. Let’s be clear about something: on “Not Big” Lily Allen is not “holding sexuality” and she’s not “normal”. In other words, though I’m no expert, I’m pretty sure that girls shouldn’t try this at home: putting on wax on a widely distributed pop album the exact physical rudiments of her estranged lover’s coital shortcomings. But this is a track that works, whereas some don’t, the schizophrenic, shoulder-rubbing “LDN” and “Everything’s Just Wonderful”, which basically just TELLS people they don’t know jack.

The point here is that, there’s really no point in even trying to diss Lily Allen. She’s hot, funny, musically talented, and most importantly she’s already lowered herself to a hedonistic pleasure-seeker in the eyes of you, the listener. But if you pardon, she will mend. For now, it’s just great music.

55 thoughts on ““How Lily Allen Defies the Very Notion of Music Criticism”

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