“DD Review: Thom Yorke – ANIMA.”

Score: 10/10 . Engulf yourself in full-on homo-erotic surrender in the scope of millions a la The Bends’ “High and Dry”? This is old hat for Thom Yorke. Be in a car or observe “traffic”? This seems to be something he’s still grappling and struggling with. Like the opener “Airbag” on OK Computer, the leadoff […]

“DD Review: Morrissey – California Son.”

Score: 10/10 . Track two on Morrissey’s new covers album, “Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow,” poses an interesting discussion point, particularly in terms of the overall message of the Smiths/Morrissey catalogue that’s accumulated through the years (in no part of which Morrissey is the primary composer of music, interestingly) [1]. As Wikipedia reports, the song is […]