“Applying Basic Psychology to John Wozniak’s Current Weight Problem (By the Way He’s Not THAT Fat)”

This post isn’t about sex (or candy). It’s about the real-life prospective possibility that America will need soldiers for world war 3, to fight against the North Koreans. And don’t gimme that world-war-3-won’t-need-any-soldiers-because-one-flick-of-the-wrist-will-set-off-a-nuclear-bomb-crap. That’s too easy. Anyway, I just saw this photographic portrait of Marcy Playground’s John Wozniak on Wikipedia and good God he’s FAT! […]

“America, 09/02/2017”

Readership, I hope you like me will take some time this week to stop what you typically do, and in your own way pay your respects to the victims of this devastating hurricane in Houston. For me, it didn’t feel right in such close time to keep with the shallow, sluffed-off exercise of music criticism, […]

“Pandora Sucks”

I am so fu**ing done with Pandora it’s not even funny. They have no regard for what quality music is, whatsoever. My first nightmarish experience with it came at work, in this kitchen in 2016. I was new on the job and trying to make a good impression. The guys said they wanted to know […]