“Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Administering an ‘Ethics Code’ in Leaving out the Second-Tier Grunge Bands?”

I can just see having a heated, cantankerous rivalry with the dude picking the RRHOF nominees, where I see him and I’m like, “Hello, Newman!” He’s probably some coke-snorting, leather-clad ’80s dude who worships Eddie Van Halen and has a Guns ’n Roses tattoo.  And trust me: I’m not losing much if any sleep about […]

“‘Times Like These’ by the Foo Fighters Seems Like a Song Uniquely Lame Enough for Soundtracking the 2021 Inauguration”

The Foo Fighters, according to Stereogum, performed their song “Times Like These” for the recent Joe Biden inauguration concert that also included Bruce Springsteen and Lady Gaga… yes, that Lady Gaga. This is a fact immediately depressing, on one hand, seeing as the song came out about 16 years ago or so, its selection also […]