“Crickets Twiddling on a Sunday”

In this ever-evolving construction of human beings in America in 2018, the woman herself is the art form, now lain naked (I’ve seen Sue Bird’s bare a** on standard cable programming this summer and no WNBA telecasts) and open to the world, although some music like the Allman Brothers’ “Little Martha” might be celestial enough […]

“Ted Leo as Affirmation That People Should Stop Doing These Stupid Anniversary Celebrations for Albums”

The terms “political rock” and “Ted Leo” are mutual with each other. Actually, they both failed. They coexist within the same universe now, in mutual pity, commiseration and consternation. The last Ted Leo album wasn’t even good enough to be classified as legitimate “slop” and in our political system, after all those innocent Iraqis were […]

“Ok, Three Years Have Passed… I Think I Can Finally Think Coherently about This Time I Went to See a Comedy Open-Mic in My Hometown”

I still remember this Chicago Reader (I’m from South Bend, Indiana and they circulate the Reader at the main library there) article about “Indiana comedy” and how up-and-coming it was, an article whose author went to the Dew Drop Inn and performed, only to showcase… exclusively Illinois comics. The idea was that people were apparently […]