“Dude, Where’s My Hometown?”

It’s funny: one time this girl working at the White Castle in downtown Indianapolis, on South St., didn’t know where South Bend, Indiana was, or WHAT it was. It could have been an unorthodox equine fur hat, for all she knew. She was like, what’s that? Or where’s that? (Meridian Ave. in downtown Indy turns […]

“Untitled 254”

I sit there looking at a girl I like… I’ve toggled in and out of this reality 500 times it seems like, always trying to fit molds. There she is, a tiny little beer gut, in a black, cotton long-sleeve work shirt, pouring beers, smiling genuinely, smiling falsely, and going about the duties she has […]

“Roots Picnic 2018… ¿Que Va?”

I sense an incredible amount of focus emanating from the sum total of planned American entertainment this year. The reason: on consecutive weekends (the last one in May and the first in June), we have slated two ginormous music festivals in the country’s two most major East Coast cities. Boston will hold Boston Calling (apparently […]

“Look Ma, I Discovered Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape Artist (Sort of Like How Christopher Columbus ‘Discovered’ America)”

Just in time for Festivus and the airing of grievances, I present to you the critics’ behavior toward Jane’s Addiction’s 2011 comeback album The Great Escape Artist — spite and rancor which would make even the daunting Mr. Costanza totally proud and ebullient. Let’s start with the Pitchfork review. They sort of typify what annoys […]