Electric Ladyland 50th Anniv.: The Story of ‘Burning of the Midnight Lamp’ and Why I Think it’s the Best Jimi Hendrix Song”

To be honest, I had this post stewing for a little while and didn’t finish it… Jimi Hendrix is exceptionally hard to write about… well today is the 50th anniversary of his final album with the Experience, Electric Ladyland, so the least I could do is pay some respects. One thing of absolute impossibility to […]

“Dolby’s Rupees: Phish – ‘Dirt'”

“Dirt” by Phish is not, by any stretch, a perfect song. In fact, it’s got this guitar intro that’s so defiantly, fiercely conventional, calling more to mind Incubus’ “Drive” than any artistic construction which would shoulder up with Frank Zappa or Bela Fleck, two of Trey Anastasio’s likely idols, that for a while I hated […]

“Pontificating on the Distinct Possibility that The New Yorker Drove Grimes out of Music with Their Awful 2015 Story ‘Pop for Misfits’”

  I really don’t pay too much attention to anything, if I can avoid it, although this particular year in music has been mighty fine in revamping my mental infrastructure in terms of what genre can be, how each one can distinguish itself. Far being it for The New Yorker to divorce politics and music, […]

II is My Favorite Zep Album and ‘What is and What Should Never Be’ is a Logically Important Song in the Popular Rock Pantheon… I Have Proof!”

If you’re ever in the library looking to stuff yourself with words like a smarty pants, you could certainly do worse than LZ ’75, Stephen Davis’ firsthand account of tracing his controversial Zeppelin fandom as a Detroiter from the band’s hatching to the year 1975, which saw the release of their double album. One reason […]

“They Got All of Our Hopes up for This New Beach Boys Album So I Might as Well Write about ‘Country Air’”

Where is the original center of disaffection? Something tells me it lies in San Francisco… that Green Day rock opera American Idiot is just too weird, with all those subplots and fictional characters and “10 cups of coffee in the underbelly” and of course suicide. Disaffection, for anybody fortunately ill-versed in such things, is the […]