“Wrangler Jeans”

I shouldn’t have shared that Brett Favre Wrangler Jeans commercial on Facebook… I’m so stupid! Oh, hey. There you are. Yeah, this post is just about Wrangler jeans, pretty much. It all started when I scored these early ’90s black jeans at Goodwill. Pretty stupid. ‘Bout three bucks. I call ’em my Lenny Kravitz jeans. […]

“An Unorganized List of Things That Are Right and Wrong with Jefferson Airplane, Respectively”

When you think of Jefferson Airplane, it’s almost inconceivable that your thoughts wouldn’t be auspicious. They bulwarked some of the most famous songs and ideas in rock and roll from the ’60s, including the open embrace in the “summer of love” of finding “somebody to love” and “feed(ing) your head,” or always being opened minded, […]

“On a Magazine Cover”

    The purpose of this gathering of faces And multifariously textured sinews Is entertainment, the abrupt halt Of the conception of reality of masses, Millions of ongoing viewers with Limp hands in buckets of popcorn, Feet absently fondling a blissful cat and Manufactured faces on all the walls.  

“So Yeah, I’m Guessing That Courtney Love Just Mandated That Kurt Cobain Hate Ugly Kid Joe, and That’s What Happened”

Certain components of this situation strike me as noteworthy; others, not so much. Take the hate, for instance: nah, he’ll get over that. They’ll all get over that. Plus, it’s tongue-in-cheek… makes for good copy. At least in the ’90s it did… it was actually radical then. But what cannot be overlooked is that Ugly […]