“Happy 30th to Pod but I’m Here to Obstinately Claim That Steve Albini is a Better Rock Frontman than Producer”

And it’s the song that never ends… it just goes on and on my friends… hey public it’s that stick-in-the-mud online road nail Dolby Disaster back, ready to flatten the tires of this otherwise cheery Pod anniversary cavalcade to declare that manning a microphone, and not a soundboard, was Steve Albini’s true calling. You might […]

“Alternate Wilco Playlist”

Spotify playlist. Excellent for shuffling. “I Thought I Held You” (A.M.) “That’s Not the Issue” (A.M.) “Outtasite (Outta Mind)” (Being There) “Say You Miss me” (Being There) “Someday Soon” (Being There) “Can’t Stand it” (Summerteeth) “I’m Always in Love” (Summerteeth) “Nothing’severgonnastandinmyway (Again)” (Summerteeth) “Ashes of American Flags” (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) “Pot Kettle Black” (Yankee Hotel […]

“And the Beats Go on”

I’m reading this Phil Lesh memoir and though it’s definitely pretty interesting and well written, much like Jorma Kaukonen’s work, he at one point mentions “the beats” (meaning the beat poetry movement) and I just have to say I smell a big time rat with the whole thing. For instance Lesh makes the claim that […]