“A Pop Ambush Involving Beck, Lotus Plaza… and More!”

I’m just pointing this out because apparently nobody else on the Internet ever has: Lotus Plaza, side project of Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt, makes undeniable use of Beck’s “Soldier Jane” for what is perhaps that band’s best song, “Eveningness.” In fact, the verses of the two songs are identical in chord progression and vocal rhythm, […]

“A Feeble Attempt at Listing All the Things Wrong with Everclear’s White Trash Hell EP — a Nonetheless Partially Enthusing Collection of Songs for Completists”

White Trash Hell is an EP by Everclear, which, to me, already bespeaks a severe rudimentary problem, as I would never even think of listening to Everclear for a segment of time under half an hour (the exception being a really loaded mix CD I might have concocted). The extended player “came out,” technically, 20 […]

“311: A Criticism Compendium”

Most notable battler of evil alien life forms: oh yeah, it’s 311! Oh yeah, it’s 3- it’s 3- it’s 311! Like it or not, 311 just won’t seem to go away, continuing their veritable rocking-in-the-free-world type activity, and now, on their new album MOSAIC, they have the exact same lineup they did 23 years ago […]

“The Day Sub Pop Killed Wolf Parade”

When you Google “sub pop fleet foxes,” the first four search results you get are housed in the record label’s official website, in some way, shape or form. How they pulled this off, I have no idea: I doubt Donald Trump even has that many Internet search avenues devoted to his name. The whole thing, though, […]