“A Call for a ‘The Best of Wilco’ on Vinyl with ‘California Stars’ on it”

Am I an a-hole for not wanting to purchase Mermaid Avenue on wax? Well, I’ve never heard anyone playing any of the songs other than “California Stars” in my life, so I’m not sweating it too much. 

Anyway, it’s high time this band released a best-of and gave us a smattering of their most brilliant, succinct and lucid material all one one concise, 40-minute record. Sure, it’s absurd to sum up Wilco’s career in 40 minutes. The collection wouldn’t claim to be exhaustive, per se, but it would be bada** in the sense of paring down their catalogue to the absolute most brilliant, electric moments, something any true fan should want. And yeah, we wouldn’t have to deal with that Billy Bragg shmuck, to a great extent. 

Below is my best effort at approximating about what I’d want. 


The Best of Wilco: 

Side I

1 “California Stars” (4:57)

2 “Outtasite (Outta Mind)” (2:34)

3 “Company in My Back” (3:46)

4 “Heavy Metal Drummer” (3:08)

5 “Passenger Side” (3:33)

Side II

1 “Muzzle of Bees” (4:56)

2 “You Never Know” (4:21)

3 “Citizens” (3:03)

4 “She’s a Jar” (4:43)

5 “Pot Kettle Black” (4:00)


P.S. that doesn not mean you f**ers are off the hook from putting out a new live album, either. Nice try, city slickers.  



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