“A Case for a ‘Best of Radiohead’ Compilation, or Thereabouts”

Now, I realize that Radiohead are not primarily a “singles” band — well, is this really true? I mean, think of how classic their music videos were — “Karma Police”; “No Surprises”; “There, There”; etc., all wielding this primordial weirdness that was unforgettable as it was off-putting. They veered toward the bombastic, I don’t think there’s any question, as a four-piece, not shying away from big, sweeping statements of authority and mortality to couple with their tense “white-boy jazz,” (even if these statements did tend toward tongue-in-cheek, of course). 

Anyway, the main reason I want a best-of-Radiohead thingie, or something along those lines, and particularly one on vinyl, is so that I can intake “Optimistic” on vinyl surrounded, more or less, by rock tracks. Now, I’ve never actually listened to Kid A on vinyl and the only album I’ve ever heard that sounded shi**y on wax was Abbey Road, ironically enough. But even down to the very album title itself, Kid A just bleeds impersonal aspects, bleeds formality, the electronic alienation mechanism of the whole thing being what drives its functionality. The exception, of course, would be “Optimistic,” which is stock alternative rock, and more than likely the best song on the album. 

Plus, I mean a best of Radiohead would just be fun. Come on boys, loosen up your ties a little bit and drink an extra Ginseng tea at your record release party! That’s how you live on the edge. This set of records would be a great stocking stuffer and of course the recipient would never expect it to be Radiohead in the case of a double album.