“Calling for and Faux-Curating an Eve 6 Live Album”

It’s amazing what you can find on Spotify just by clicking on a band’s discography and scrolling. Just last week I came upon The Fly Record Live from one of my favorite late-’90s alt-rock outfits, Eve 6. Generally, I found the whole delivery and production pretty digestible and rocking — still, I don’t get the attraction to these full-album run-throughs. It’s like some unfortunate attempt at trekking back into one’s youth, maybe.

Anyway, as listenable as that debut masquerade was, with its quirky vocal deliveries and clear, crunchy rock instrumentation, I just think that a full concert, with an unpredictable set list, would make for a vastly superior listening experience. Ironically, too, a full, composite cross-section of Eve 6’s catalogue would actually make for an environment more energetic, vibrant and even approaching something like youthfulness, despite the fact that it’s a step outside of people’s 1990s security blanket. The most potent vial of what I’m talking about here would undoubtedly be the band’s third album, It’s All in Your Head (2003), easily the best full LP they ever put together and what’s more, classic for reasons that are quintessentially linked to the band — hummable, infectious hooks and undeniable emotional integrity. 

Below is my hubristic, self-serving preference for the “dream setlist.” The encore begins with “Promise,” the excellent lead single from their solid but slightly teeny-boppy second album, Horrorscope (2000). 


Dream Eve 6 Setlist:

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