“Head Automatic Notes”


– Drummer Larry Gorman was fired in October 2006.

– Gorman was replaced by “New York hardcore veteran Sammy Siegler” in August 2007, according to Wikipedia.

– Wikipedia reports that “Head Automatica started pre-production on their third album in late September 2007, aiming for a ‘darker’ sound and ‘grimy, dancefloor-friendly songs.’”

 This very combination of course seems somewhat paradoxical, for several reasons. One, it’s harder to express a complex, sort of paradigmatic plaint with the world at large which would be manifest through “dark” music in the context of a dance club, where the songs are valued for their rhythmic aspects and ability to get you to shake your rump.

– Wikipedia reports that Palumbo told Revolt online magazine in 2009 that the embryonic album Swan Damage “’captures everything we ever intended Head Automatica to be.’”



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