“They Got All of Our Hopes up for This New Beach Boys Album So I Might as Well Write about ‘Country Air’”

Where is the original center of disaffection? Something tells me it lies in San Francisco… that Green Day rock opera American Idiot is just too weird, with all those subplots and fictional characters and “10 cups of coffee in the underbelly” and of course suicide. Disaffection, for anybody fortunately ill-versed in such things, is the […]

“I.D.M. Mix #1”

Spotify playlist. .. .. Gang Gang Dance – “Bebey” Andy Stott – “Lost and Found” Four Tet – “Love Cry” Clark – “Herr Bar” Flying Lotus – “Computer Face/Pure Being” Squarepusher – “Don’t Go Plastic” Caribou – “Silver” Nobody – “Tilijem’s Forrest” Hercules & Love Affair – “Time Will” Bjork – “Hunter” Ikonika – “The […]

“As for That Bizarre Fact That Anybody Still Cares about the VMA’s, it Could Have Something to Do with Green Day and Their Continued Rocketarianism”

Despite the fact that MTV hasn’t regularly played music videos for nigh on 20 years (we’re talking taking it back to Third Eye Blind and Len here), they still hold the “VMA’s” every year, which stands for “Video Music Awards,” as well as even the “EMA’s,” in November, the “European Music Awards” (which may very […]