“Mowse Rowdy”

Spotify playlist. .. .. {from The Lonesome Crowded West} 1 “Convenient Parking” 2 “Jesus Christ Was an Only Child” 3 “Doin’ the Cockroach” 4 “Truckers Atlas” .. {from Building Nothing out of Something} 5 “A Life of Arctic Sounds” 6 “Other People’s Lives” .. {from The Moon & Antarctica} 7 “Dark Center of the Universe” […]

“DD Review: The Internet – Hive Mind.”

Score: 4/10 . It’s always kind of depressing getting older and coming to the realization that people younger don’t really care about you, or anything else, for that matter. This was a theme in one Bukowski story, too, I recall: an author who like Odd-Future-offshoot beats-jazz revue The Internet originally hails from LA, in one […]