“DD Review: Singing Lungs – Groan

Score: 4/10 . Ultimately, I think, the exact thing that provides the Singing Lungs’ debut album Groan with its initial fisty appeal is also what confines it: its obstinate, unwavering simplicity. Well, I guess I should have known from their Bandcamp blurb that I was dealing with a pretty meat-and-potatoes enterprise, that they’re a “band […]

“Pontificating on the Distinct Possibility that The New Yorker Drove Grimes out of Music with Their Awful 2015 Story ‘Pop for Misfits’”

  I really don’t pay too much attention to anything, if I can avoid it, although this particular year in music has been mighty fine in revamping my mental infrastructure in terms of what genre can be, how each one can distinguish itself. Far being it for The New Yorker to divorce politics and music, […]