“Shopping for Music, Fall 2017”

Wow, remember when “shopping for music” meant going out to a place called a “record store” and browsing for the specific RECORDINGS you wanted to purchase? Today I went out “shopping for music” in a different way, at Best Buy [1], to sift and rummage through, and maybe dissect one single percentage of, all the […]

“DD Readers’ Poll: Rewriting Remember the Titans/Soundtracking the Victory Scene”

.. Anonymous #1: I think a lot of Rush’s instrumental passages would work well as sports-highlights background music… So does Tubthumping. .. DD’s selection: Godsmack – “Voodoo” You might think this song is too slow to vibe a heavy-hitting football game, but actually, I was thinking also that they could put in some dramatic slow-motion […]

“DD Review: Destroyer – ken.”

Score: 8.5/10 . In Portland, the streets are done up “European style” — with short blocks which are heavily trod upon. Prevalent auto traffic is discouraged within “European style” blocks, of course, since with a greater quantity of intersections the amount of stopping and going would augment considerably. What it does encourage, one would think, […]