Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae is a Schizophrenic Grab Bag Composed Partially of Semi-Permanent Etude and Otherwise of Atrocious, Rehashed and Machinated Mainstream Goop”

Janelle Monae is an aesthetic celebrity masquerading as a musician. Somewhere out there, I imagine, is the perfect person, in tune with what’s going on with music but somehow ignorant of who this latest pop bimbo Janelle Monae is. Anyway, I’m writing to the 99% of Americans who follow music and who have indeed heard […]

“Califone is Like Wilco But a Little More Wavy Gravy. No, Cherry Garcia. Yeah, That’s it.”

Spotify playlist. .. .. {from Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People –2002 (a b-sides and outtakes album)} 1 “Pastry Sharp” 2 “To Hush a Sick Transmission” 3 “Electric Fence” 4 “Beneath the Yachtsman” .. {from Roomsound — 2001} 5 “Bottles and Bones (Shades and Sympathy)” 6 “Fisherman’s Wife” 7 “Slow Rt. Hand” 8 “Rattlesnakes Smell […]

“A Doors Pantheon”

Spotify playlist. .. .. {from The Doors — 1967} 1 “Break on through (to the Other Side)” 2 “Soul Kitchen” 3 “The Crystal Ship” 4 “Twentieth Century Fox” 5 “Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)” 6 “Light My Fire” 7 “End of the Night” .. {from Strange Days — 1967} 8 “You’re Lost Little Girl” 9 “Love […]

“DD Review: GosT – Possessor.”

Score: 9/10 . At some point, one of four things happened: either (a.) everybody decided industrial music was lame, (b.) everybody decided that neither they nor anybody else could do it as well as Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and Rammstein, (c.) nobody outside the American Midwest and Germany was actually that angry enough to require […]

“Rocking Classic Rock Mix for Spring with a Velvet Underground Bent (Meant to Be Played on Shuffle)”

Spotify playlist. .. .. The Velvet Underground – “White Light/White Heat” The Velvet Underground – “Lady Godiva’s Operation” The Velvet Underground – “Here She Comes Now” The Velvet Underground – “I Heard Her Call My Name” The Velvet Underground – “Candy Says” The Velvet Underground – “What Goes on” The Velvet Underground – “Beginning to […]