“Rap in Summer 2020”

Yeah I went all psycho

About the death of George Floyd

A dude I’ve never met

Between thousands of black crimes


Yeah I busted out windows in Target

Everybody suckin’ up to

Colin Kaepernick’s giant fro

Yeah he got an endorsement with Nike


Poor guy

How the hell’s he survivin’


But I still wanna fu** a white chick

I still gonna root for the a**hole Clippers

’Cause they coach ain’t white

A generic effigy


And I’m talkin’ in this stupid drawl

Like a fake two-bit fagget Drake

So you know I’m’a blow up 

Hey white dude get away from that white chick


And yesterday my Auntie Clara

Took out the trash

And I had to drive my cousin to the dentist

And we even drove by a piece of glass on the way


Yeah times is hard you know

This white bit** I fu**ed gave me seven STD’s

But it was worth it

Run the chorus

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