She’s got an English degree. I can’t believe she’s saying this. I can’t believe she doesn’t seem to grasp the satiric disposition of “Run for Your Life.” She’s acting like the song is an endorsement of violence against women, joking that she knows what Beatles song is Charles Manson’s second favorite. Rock bands have taken a licentious approach to lyrical construction since time immemorial, or so it seems. Or maybe I’ve just heard “Possum Kingdom” too many times. But this is ridiculous. I mean, I’ve listened to “Black River Killer” by Blitzen Trapper a zillion times and obviously never thought it was actually endorsing murder. It’s satire. It’s tongue-in-cheek. God da**ed of tongue-in-cheek statements don’t seem all but extinct today. They require an undergirding of belief in SOMETHING on the part of the populace, something that would actively shift in and dominate the meaning realm. Plus, why would a psycho killer actually admit that “Baby I’m a wicked guy / And I was born with a jealous mind”? Such ready furnishing of vice’s acknowledgement is not psychologically problematic: much worse would be a constant shift away from the introspective toward the apparent heinous deed of cheating by the woman, a degradation of her rather than an admission of imperfection on the part of the self. But then, Blitzen Trapper is from the Pacific Northwest, where there apparently are a lot of serial killers and whatnot, like that one dude talked about in Hype!, so maybe the whole phantom message is a little more justified with that. That’s the Pacific Northwest, to be clear, as opposed to the Atlantic Northwest. With so many choices of places to live, how can one choose? It’s got to be good looking ’cause it’s so hard to see.

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