“Beck Toggling List”

Snotify playlist.

Beck – “Loser”

Cage the Elephant – “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”

Beck – “Devil’s Haircut”

Butthole Surfers – “Pepper”

Beck – “Girl”

Bjork – “Joga”

Beck – “The New Pollution”

Beastie Boys – “Three MC’s and One DJ”

Beck – “Uneventful Days”

Broadcast – “I Found the F”

Beck – “Tropicalia”

Snow – “Informer”

Beck – “Stratosphere”

Moby – “Natural Blues”

Beck – “Where it’s At”

Andy Stott – “Lost and Found”

Beck – “Chemical”

Twenty One Pilots – “Heathens”

Beck – “Movie Theme”

HEALTH – “Die Slow”

Beck – “Steal My Body Home”

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