“Dolby’s Definitive AC/DC Playlist”

Something strange within the music industry without question is that there’s no “Best of AC/DC” disc or collection available anywhere. There’s no “The Essential AC/DC,” there’s no “Greatest Hits,” no “The Best We Could Do” or anything corny like that. The closest thing we get is probably AC/DC Live, which to be sure is at least listenable, and then a couple other live albums, the Aussies and their constituents apparently emphasizing the band’s live performance as a galvanizing staple of who they are, not entirely without reason.

But come on, when have you ever heard anybody, or even heard OF anybody, sitting down and listening to an entire AC/DC album? What would even their classic album be? It would probably be either Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap or Back in Black, two albums which curiously feature two different singers, the soon departed Bon Scott and 1980 band newcomer Brian Johnson.

But along these lines, it’s incredibly bizarre on multiple counts that this band doesn’t have a definitive collection — they’re singles oriented, but also, they’re dog-eat-dog, looking to get out there, rock, and make money doing it. They’ve even got one song, which granted is probably a gag, titled “Ain’t No Fun (Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire).” Sure it ain’t, they can’t even furnish the right stocking stuffer money grabs! But here’s one, in about the best I could do.


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