“An Amorous Mix for the English Women’s Soccer (Football) Team”

Spotify playlist.


This is something I put together I thought would be funny and light, though so far it hasn’t gone over so well — all these smutty, flattering songs dedicated to the English women’s national team. Truth be told, there are some family-friendly, wholesome tunes on here like “Wild Horses” and “You Are the Sunshine of My Life,” but you know, I didn’t want to go too corn-ball like Katy Perry and stuff.

The truth is, I feel really bad for them, particularly that poor girl who got her goal taken away when she tied it 2-2 because she was like six inches offsides. They shouldn’t even review for offsides. If they didn’t catch it the first time, she obviously wasn’t past by that much. And I mean, the American women always dominate… if I were the British I’d really hate losing to them. So here are my love songs. It happens to be a good mix to listen to at work or at home, too.


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