“I Stared at My Ryan Adams Gold CD for 30 Seconds and then Put in Who is Jill Scott?”

Maybe I’m on one of my egotistical blogger rants right now but I really find this Ryan Adams news quite sad. I don’t know what to make of it. I’m not sure that is if I can continue listening to his music, music which was undeniably great on projects like Gold and most of the stuff from his prior band Whiskeytown.

Actually, and sorry for the dark humor here, but Gold was my makeout album all the way: I mean it was jangly rock and roll but it was just so BRIGHT, it was so full of life, full of color, of harmonies and genuine vibrance that it played like pop, like Madonna, or whatever, in that regard.

Well now we see that Capitol is pulling Big Colors from its scheduled April release, a move which sort of seems like half the right thing to do and half a desperate, sandbag attempt to do some quelling of wrongdoing in America, a wealth of which we’ve certainly seen lately with Trump in office. I mean, the semantically sound, hard-hearted, Isaac-on-Sports-Night [1] type of administrator would have gone ahead with the release, realizing that they’re not actually in a LAW ENFORCEMENT position, that perhaps people can still benefit from new music regardless of its progenitor’s deeds and per the age-old dictum of divorcing the artist from the man. Well, Ryan Adams ain’t Nirvana, obviously.

Still, songs like “Answering Bell” and “Gonna Make You Love Me More” (the latter of which makes reference to “sweet amphetamines,” which seems like something a rapist would do) are just really hard to part ways with — it’s hard to say, this is creeper culture, this is rapist culture, when you’re so used to these songs soundtracking your everyday life and the downtown area activities of your hometown (my sister happens to be a big Adams fan too and of Gold). Well, the downtown activities in my hometown are usually just drinking, so maybe that was my first problem.


[1] For anyone who doesn’t know about the scintillating late-’90s sit com Sports Night, please familiarize yourself: you will not get through an episode with dry eyes.


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