“Dolby’s Dream Pearl Jam Setlist”

This is just a little mix I put together in acknowledgement of one of my favorite bands, Pearl Jam, whose lead singer Eddie Vedder is the only one of the main four grunge frontmen not dearly departed, and who are currently rascal-ling around the nation with posters depicting Donald Trump being eaten by vultures.
We’re living in a crucial time in America, today. Our president is a money-hoarding miser with no semblance of class or compassion and inner-city violence is at an all-time high. The primary opponent of Trump is Black Lives Matter, but since I’m white and so cannot feel the exact anger that a black man would feel, my thoughts are more those of worry, for what’s going to happen to everything I love, like rock and roll and free expression.
Eddie Vedder is left liberal as am I, pro-choice and in favor of bridging socioeconomic gaps with government funding. With this being the case, I stand with them on multiple levels and hope they stay safe on this 2018 tour, but even more, provide some peace, satisfaction and real prestidigitation to their many wonderful fans.


“Release” (Live at the Orpheum Theater)
“Immortality” (Vitalogy)
“Do the Evolution” (Live on Two Legs)
“Gods’ Dice” (Binaural)
“Not for You” (Vitalogy)
“Elderly Woman behind the Counter in a Small Town” (Live on Two Legs)
“Rearviewmirror” (Vs.)
“Dissident” (Vs.)
“Brain of J” (Yield)
“Alive” (Ten)
“Lukin” (No Code)
“Mind Your Manners” (Lightning Bolt)
“Rival” (Binaural)
“Go” (Vs.)
“Gonna Me See My Friend” (Backspacer)
“Leash” (Vs.)
“Black” (Live on Two Legs)
“Breakerfall” (Binaural)
“Parachutes” (Pearl Jam)
“Swallowed Whole” (Lightning Bolt)
“Of the Girl” (Binaural)
“Red Mosquito” (Live on Two Legs)
Encore 1:
“Nothingman” (Vitalogy)
“Better Man” (Vitalogy)
“Amongst the Waves” (Backspacer)
“Save You” (Riot Act)
“Whipping” (Vitalogy)
“No Way” (Yield)
Encore 2:
“Even Flow” (Live on Two Legs)
“Porch” (Ten)
“Spin the Black Circle” (Vitalogy)
“Smile” (No Code)




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