“DD Review: Delicious Death – Apples to Apples, Crust to Crust.”

Score: 3/10


We hold these truths to be self-evident: (a.) this band Delicious Death which is apparently from my home state of Indiana really think they’re funny, sort of like the equally corny Murder by Death who used to be around in Bloomington [1] when I was in college; (b.) similar to Indianpolis’ Doktra which at least walked enough of an edgy and thrashy line as to justify their own existence, these Delicious Death guys are huge fans of Don Caballero, in this case, while likewise employing all their obvious tactics of rich, bulbous but mellow guitar arpeggios and faux-funky drum beat, come off basically as pointless, poker-faced post-rock elevator music. The guitar tone on “True Limes,” a parody of “True Lies” so hilarious I think the seams of my pants might freakin’ bust, pretty closely approximates the sound of a saxaphone, which I suppose is at least a quantifiable, mathematical achievement, at least for all you Kenny G fans out there. Otherwise, it’s rock for Lexuses, jazz for those “modern art” exhibits that have just like a bunch of painted red chairs and tables turned upside down and are supposed to be so mind-blowing nonetheless.
I remember chumming with this server one time in Indianapolis and we got on the topic of The Dismemberment Plan (I think I’d had “You Are Invited” on a CD I was playing while doing dishes)… he pointed out that their name is misleading, that they’re actually way mellower and more approachable than their moniker would suggest. Well, let’s just say that Delicious Death make them sound like a rottweiler off its leash, by comparison.
[1] They had an album title “Like the Exorcist but with More Breakdancing,” which I’m pretty sure they came up with while playing around with Hot Wheels in their parents’ basement.

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