“A Little Diatribe on How Undervalued Music is in America”

Of course, nothing could top the experience of sitting in Spanish class in IUSB and hearing a girl in response to the teacher’s question go “I can’t think of a song,” but I’ve been trying to figure out what the he** an “Archive Album” is since they’re not on Spotify and The Doors have a bunch of them, but all I got when I Googled it was a bunch of “Album Archives,” which had a bunch of douche bags who’d taken selfies and had apparently found it hard to locate their photos in their phones, or computers, or the inside of their own skull, or wherever the fu** for the name of God people would look for these all-important, celestial photographs they’re searching so hard for.
I remember liking The Doors – Live in Boston but I can’t find it on Spotify… anyway I’m always looking for solutions to things, so I was trying to spread the good word and the good cheer about Live in Boston since Absolutely Live [1] really sucks (actually Bright Midnight: Live in America, an indubitable classic, also falls under “Archive Album” on Wikipedia and so evades Spotify’s scope)… I mean two of the first three songs on Absolutely Live are Bo Diddley songs, which wouldn’t be so offensive if not for the fact that that introducing bassline is just so overly verbose, repetitive and cheesy. Still, I guess we should give the band credit for covering “Who Do You Love” before Thorogood did. I must confess I didn’t listen to the entirety of the Doors version.
I mean Jesus Christ… just earlier I had to look at this Cat Power – You Are Free Wiki page which credits her with production and Adam Kasper with “engineering only.” Yeah, that’s all he did. All he did was engineer the album. Anybody could do that. I think just tomorrow I’ll go find a two year old and have him engineer my thrash metal album with double Moog synths. Cat Power didn’t even produce The Greatest.
So you’ve got all these douche bags in our country obsessed with appearance (the lack of anger before the Joe Girardi firing on the Yankees and the insistence that Aaron Boone “looked like a Yankees manager” in the photo op), but how we tie all this in with the Trump regime is that I just heard a song today I found stomachable, Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls,” and in looking up the production matters I found that two of the three primary players (Kingston himself whose ancestors hail from Jamaica and J.R. Rotem of Jewish descent via South Africa) are immigrants to America.

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