“Coll-ifornian Dreamin’”

So I had another dream about Max Collins of Eve 6 last night. He must have gone to some kind of seminar or something.
I think I’d ended up in a fight with some douche bag who was probably like wearing a light-blue zip-down hoodie or something. Max Collins was friends with him and had just got partially run over by a pickup truck. In this dream, he had the actual Eve 6 singer’s hair color, that spirited ginger we all know and love, but he was a little lower and squatter, and had this giant, football (American) shaped, da** near indestructible head. The pickup ran him over, or backed into him, one of the two, and I think it wasn’t being driven but rather controlled by me to nonetheless find Max Collins docile upon the incident, and the accident gave him a concussion, laying him flat back on the back of his head, on hard dirt. But when we came face to face and I got worried I’d get in trouble, he told me that he’d had a concussion and didn’t remember the incident, and said, “For all I know it was a gang of vultures,” or something like that. He said something along those lines, like giving me some alternative explanation of the situation, except that in the dream it was actually funny, or course. Just last summer when I was putting together the “Dolby’s Top 100 Albums of the 2000s (Decade)” list I’d had a playing of “Sunset Strip Bit**” come to me in my slumber.
Anyway, in this dream, I never did get the chance to ask him about “Here’s to the Night,” and why they positioned it fifth on Horrorscope, and not as the closeur, which one listen to it by any ignoramus would determine that it should.

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