“Dolby’s Country Rock Collection”

Spotify Playlist.



Charley Pride – “All I Have to Offer You is Me”
Neil Young, Crazy Horse – “Don’t Cry No Tears”
Steve Earle – “I Still Carry You around”
Lucinda Williams – “Concrete and Barbed Wire”
Lonesome Sisters – “Deep Water”
Wilco – “I Must Be High”
John Prine – “Bear Creek Blues”
Michigan Rattlers – “Sweet Diane”
Califone – “Million Dollar Funeral”
Bottle Rockets – “Kit Kat Clock”
Pavement – “Father to a Sister of Thought”
Chuck Berry – “Memphis”
Whiskeytown – “Too Drunk to Dream”
Hank Williams – “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”
Bruce Springsteen – “Mansion on the Hill”
The Wallflowers – “Invisible City”
Bob Seger – “We’ve Got Tonight”
Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen – “Hot Rod Lincoln”
Blitzen Trapper – “Joanna”
Ryan Adams – “Answering Bell”
Holy Ghost Sanctified Singers – “Sinner, I’d Make a Change”
Lil McClintock – “Mother Called Her Child to Her Dying Bed”
Heartless Bastards – “Had to Go”
The Allman Brothers Band – “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”
Mississippi John Hurt – “Stack O’Lee”
Jim Croce – “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown”

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