“The Best of Supergrass”

Spotify playlist.


For as… we… know, the band put out that Supergrass is 10 thing in ’04, but then ’05’s Road to Rouen came around the next year and scratched our itches all over. And God da**ed if I can seem to find a single bad song on Diamond Hoo Ha, other than the first one.


{from I Should Coco}
1 “Alright”
2 “Lenny”
3 “Time”
{from In it for the Money}
4 “Tonight”
5 “G-Song”
6 “Sun Hits the Sky”
7 “Cheapskate”
8 “Hollow Little Reign”
{from Supergrass}
9 “Shotover Hill”
10 “Jesus Came from Outta Space”
{from Road to Rouen}
11 “St. Petersburg”
12 “Sad Girl”
13 “Kick in the Teeth”
14 “Low C”
15 “Fin”
{from Diamond Hoo Ha}
16 “Bad Blood”
17 “Rebel in You”
18 “345”
19 “The Return of…”
20 “Rough Knuckles”
21 “Ghost of a Friend”

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