“DD Review: Postmodern Addiction – Postmodern Addiction EP”

Score: 2/10


Postmodern Addiction, for whatever reason, bills itself as a “band” on Facebook and Bandcamp — the tags applied are “Acoustic, Pop, Rock” (by the way, I’m pretty sure the terms “acoustic” and “rock” are oxymoronic, only perhaps conjoining here and there within the horrendous world of “emo” or some cheesy Staind lighter-waving sessions). Um, yuck.
First of all, this guy is from Victoria, British Colombia and he’s singing with a Scottish accent, sort of sounding like a version of the Twilight Sad singer who was unable to attract any bandmates. The lyrics are hopelessly cliched and cheesy (“You melt my heart”; “I pray that you don’t disappear”), the guitar sound entirely vanilla, the rhythms overly conventional and uncreative. I really hope there are some girls out there morose enough to maybe tune into this stuff and perhaps even prey upon his poor, feeble heart in some romantic interactions. Lord knows that seems to be the only thing driving his quote-unquote “creative muse.”

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