“You Get One Billy Squier ‘Lonely’ Night”

Hi. This is a message to my reading public. This message is to inform you that in your life, you are entitled to one officially licensed Billy Squier “lonely” night, where listening to that song will actually be appropriate, poignant and meaningful, where you will connect with the words in it as if they were your own.
It doesn’t sound that fun, right? Well then why is this music meaningful, at all?
There is no such thing as a way of life. There is such a thing as imbibing these little truths, these little crests of beauty we’re privy to in this life, which are really no makings of our own but they are our spectacles, they make up what we would talk about if at the end of the day that is this “life,” we were to try to decide just what exactly life WERE, what exactly it had been.
“Lonely is the Night” is a song by Billy Squier from about 1982, composed of blues scales and intervals and basic classic rock structure of verse and, commendably, a key change. It is a very effective song, to me. So even seeing as I was born in 1983 hence placing this song starkly before my time, there comes a point in my life where if I just don’t do anything good, I look back to this song and I’m past the bell curve of older people looking at me, wanting to lick my a**hole, smiling at me and being obsessed with me and the song actually hits me — I am more in the mental framework of the way the actual artist was when he penned it.
I don’t care how it was written. I don’t care about anything about Billy Squier. He sh**s and fu**in’ pi**es, for Christ’s sake.
My uncle’s dead now, of drinking. I myself am on my fifth beer tonight. I ain’t about to start thinking life makes sense, now. It got fastened into my mind as a light-absorbing spectacle when I first heard this song on the juke at this place in my hometown by the river where this dude used to get passed-out wasted and fix on me a glare to sear diamond, when I’d sit down at the bar next. There is no more word on him as of right now. Or is there?

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