“A Little Story about moe. and the Necessity of Differences in Music Taste”

I’ll admit to having been a very impressionable kid: I once even bought this Myspace compilation just because this girl I like had so much as mentioned the web site.
The other example would be in high school, I’d been into Phish for a few months and got tipped off to moe., which some considered to be “in some ways better than Phish.” It was the live album L that somebody burned for me on CD, an amazingly crisp, tight and ambitious project for having been just “recorded at several shows from (the band’s) fall 1999 tour” [1]. A lot of it to be honest was sort of challenging, very long-winded jam-rock, but experimental enough to appease given some occasional drug usage, and definitely not too repetitive or faux-funky, which are the two most common hazards of jam bands.
But anyway, I was blown away by “Seat of My Pants,” but then actually changed my favorite to “Captain America,” once I heard this dude in my class lauding that one in the hallway one day. I ended up sort of conforming my brain to liking that one better, but actually, my mistake was two-fold: I’d underestimated his lyrical orientation in choosing his prime picks. Listen close to the lyrics to “Captain America” and it’s anything but patriotic: rather, it’s a song about being content with being “in the middle anyway.” It seems that on TV, and primary in our culture, are alpha-males, people who usurp the reins in every situation and don’t allow themselves just to follow in the pack or blend in. To be honest, I was really popular, but really impulsive, prone to trying every hallucinogenic drug, so I was kind of “Flying by the seat of my pants”, in other words. And indeed, it’s probably the more explorative song musically, but “Captain America” had settled in for this dude lyrically as an anthem of non-conformity and a beautiful early-life resignation, and I should have realized that, although they probably even out in the end, his situation at that place and time was different from mine, and there was just no altering that.
[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L_(moe._album).

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