“On Spotify and iTunes: Por Que No Ween – Live in Chicago?”

Wow, you know the speckled glory of this expedition here keeps hitting me again and again in the face as I realize, indeed, pretty much every time Ween does a tour these days, they seem to make the Windy City a sort of exclamation point of it. Check, for instance, this summer’s North Coast Festival, and the two-night stint at the Aragon this past winter.
SO WHY ISN’T LIVE IN CHICAGO ON ITUNES OR SPOTIFY? It’s primarily released as just a DVD, but one version did come with a bonus CD with a REALLY AWESOME song selection. I’d always understood it to exist as an autonomous live album, but then, I had a roommate who had it around then.
Anyway, could the reason for its lack of wide Internet propagation be that it’s not called something really stupid, like “Paint the Town Brown”? Could it be that it’s popularity’s diminished from not containing the heartwarming ballad “Cover it with Gas and Set it on Fire”? (The sort of omnipresence of this song on fan-based outings like Total Request Live and At the Cat’s Cradle would certainly seem to suggest something about the inner disposition of the grey masses, similar to how Jerry Garcia’s declaration of “If I had me a shotgun / I’d blow you straight to he**” gets a full-blown eruption of applause from the crowd on the otherwise-perfect live album Dead Set [1].) I dunno, for some reason hearing a portly Northwestern freshman go “I want to touch his penis!” at a Strokes show at the Aragon (2003) is more charming, to say nothing of that epic owl-on-the-end-of-a-wooden-stick at the ’09 Lollapalooza. That thing was summoning up deep heathen messages, mind you. We got the Chicago show meats. We need the Chicago show live albums, especially when they’re so not so much refreshingly, as alarmingly, free of gimmicks.
[1] I was once at a Breeders show in Denver, the Mountain Battles tour, and had to sit (stand) through this crowd applause over the “The singer gets laid” line in “Walk it off,” which wasn’t even at the end of a stanza, or a climactic point in the song, for Christ’s sake.

1 “Take Me away”
2 “The Grobe”
3 “Transdermal Celebration”
4 “Even if You Don’t”
5 “Voodoo Lady”
6 “The HIV Song”
7 “Baby Bit**”
8 “Roses are Free”
9 “Mutilated Lips”
10 “Chocolate Town”
11 “I’ll Be Your Johnny on the Spot”
12 “Buckingham Green”
13 “Spinal Meningitis (Got Me down)”
14 “Pork Roll Egg and Cheese”
15 “The Argus”
16 “Zoloft”
17 “Ocean Man”

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