“‘Teachers on TV Land’ Proves That Bad Teacher Was an Influential Piece of Cinema”

Ok guys, enough time has passed since the release of Bad Teacher that your jealousy of Cameron Diaz will sort of self-atone and we can unleash an onslaught of imitation shows to copy off of her with. The first of these surely seems to be “Teachers on TV Land” ye of Facebook feed, which admittedly looks pretty tasty but also can’t help but conjure up hatred in me for all the Bad Teacher-haters I heard. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I come across.
I had this one creative writing professor who basically just hated everything (although to be honest I should have been circumspect before the very operation of paying $1000 to learn how to write a poem), he hated Bad Teacher and also Dead Poets Society, one of the most oft-cited flicks in history within any discussion or materialization of pedagogy. Of course, he didn’t explain why. This other dude I worked with said that Cameron Diaz was “so nasty now”… it’s like, uh, are you sure you’re not just a giant homo?
Whatever it is, similar to with Dead Poets Society, I think there might be some envy amongst the larger populace for the profession that teachers engage in, especially if they do it with a coolness and humility which actually aids a true learning process and transcendence within the classroom. All of this antipathy could be stemming from a certain self-hatred in these spiny individuals for not living up to their ideal selves, either in teaching or in scholarship. Bad Teacher is a 2011 film which stars Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and also one of the scariest little Chicago black kids I’ve ever seen, which is educational in and of itself. Also, it should get kudos just for the fact that Cameron Diaz plays dodge ball in it.

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