“Calling for a Deerhunter Best-of”

Yeah, I just want a “The Best of Deerhunter” to be released. That’s all this post is really about. I know that probably when the band themselves curate one of these things it usually goes something along the lines of “Honest Don’s Greatest Sh**s” or “The Least Worst of the Suicide Machines,” and I totally respect and honor this humility and self-chastity. For this reason, uh, somebody else should do it, like 4AD, and just call it “The Best of Deerhunter.”
I was going to call Kranky and ask them about how it would go if 4AD had to obtain the rights to the songs on Cryptograms and Fluorescent Grey, but then I saw they’re based in Chicago, so the conversation would probably entail getting browbeaten down into a pulp about the size of Bulls basketball (at least I’d be spared that nasal Seattle accent of the people at Sub Pop, the experience other than that being about the same). Anyway, the fact of Kranky being of the city-of-big-phallic-Sears-Tower makes it all the less sad that the band ditched for the British 4AD, which also houses Beirut, The National and Tune-Yards.
Deerhunter amazed me repeatedly with some death-defyingly beautiful pop and rock arrangements, from album to album through these awkward Internet years, but their songs are radio-friendly and pliable enough to coexist, methinks. It goes a little something like thissh:
{from Fluorescent Grey}
1 “Fluorescent Grey”
{from Cryptograms}
2 “Cryptograms”
3 “Lake Somerset”
4 “Spring Hall Convert”
5 “Heatherwood”
{from Microcastle}
6 “Nothing Ever Happened”
7 “Saved by Old Times”
8 “Neither of Us, Uncertainly”
9 “Twilight at Carbon Lake”
{from Weird Era Cont.}
10 “Operation”
{from Rainwater Cassette Exchange}
11 “Famous Last Words”
{from Halcyon Digest}
12 “Helicopter”
13 “Fountain Stairs”
14 “Coronado”
{from Monomania}
15 “Pensacola”
16 “Blue Agent”
{from Fading Frontier}
17 “Breaker”

{from ATP/06.21.13}
18 “Wash off” (live)


song begins at 2:57–


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