“DD Readers’ Poll: Rewriting Remember the Titans/Soundtracking the Victory Scene”

Anonymous #1:
I think a lot of Rush’s instrumental passages would work well as sports-highlights background music… So does Tubthumping.
DD’s selection:
Godsmack – “Voodoo”
You might think this song is too slow to vibe a heavy-hitting football game, but actually, I was thinking also that they could put in some dramatic slow-motion scenes for some of the bone-crushing hits (he** yeah, scape those racists). Also, since “Voodoo” is not so much a great song overall as it is a great song’s skeleton which is repeated within said song ad nauseam, the visual spectacle of dudes jarring the he** out of each other will step in as some appropriate therapy.
DD’s alternative selection:
Led Zeppelin – “Achilles Last Stand”
This song obviously explains itself: it’s about the vaunted warrior from ancient times, going out to brave the ultimate adversity on “an April morning” (which is curiously also the month that the Civil War both started and ended, in 1861 and 1865, respectively). It’s 10 minutes long, so the screenplay would obviously call for some serious splicing, but those five-bar cut-time blips with the snare hits that start halfway through would be the PERFECT accompaniment for a gut-wrenching tackle. Tennnn-hut!

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