“Definitive R.E.M. Mix (Two CD)”

And let’s be clear about something: DD does not have an AVERSION to vinyl, per se, other than the fact that listening to this amount of R.E.M. would probably entail more calorie-burning in the form of getting up from your couch and flipping over an unwieldy object than most Americans are accustomed to doing in an entire day.
Also, here we have, in this blogger’s opinion, one of the three bands sure to come back and crush the game next year, the others being Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins. 2018 is going to be the year of rock. Nobody really ROCKS in 2017. That’s why we had the rockers die. Just kidding I just made that up. The part about the rockers dying, that is.

{from Murmur}
1 “Laughing”

2 “Talk about the Passion”

3 “Perfect Circle”

{from Reckoning}
4 “Harborcoat”

5 “So. Central Rain”

6 “Letter Never Sent”

{from Fables of the Reconstruction}
7 “Life and How to Live it”

8 “Can’t Get There from Here”

{from Lifes Rich Pageant}
9 “Fall on Me”

{from Document}
10 “Finest Worksong”

11 “Exhuming McCarthy”

12 “Disturbance at the Heron House”

13 “It’s the End of the World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine)”

{from Green}
14 “You are the Everything”

15 “Stand”

{from Out of Time}
16 “Radio Song”

17 “Low”

18 “Belong”

19 “Half a World away”

20 “Country Feedback”

21 “Me in Honey”

{from Automatic for the People}
1 “Drive”

2 “Try Not to Breathe”

3 “Ignoreland”

4 “Nightswimming”

5 “Find the River”

{from Monster}
6 “Tongue”

{from New Adventures in Hi-Fi}


7 “How the West Was Won and Where it Got Us”
8 “New Test Leper”
9 “Undertow”
10 “E-Bow the Letter”
11 “Leave”
12 “Departure”
13 “Be Mine”
14 “Low Desert”
15 “Electrolite”
{from Up}
16 “Suspicion”

17 “Hope”

18 “Parakeet”

{from Accelerate}
19 “Mr. Richards”

{from Collapse into Now}
20 “Uberlin”


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