“On Charles Harrison’s Freakish Stroke of Luck at Phish, Summer 2017 New York”

* “Does anybody need another blank skyscraper? / If you’re like me I’m sure a minor miracle will do” – Lou Reed


“Miraculous” is obviously a strong word, but an incident which happened recently at a Phish concert in New York City, my friends (my friends) makes a strong, strong running for qualification. As far as I’d observed, no online entities had yet handled accounts of this incident, so I thought I’d give it a go for myself. This post tries to do little more than portray the events as they happened, with no opinions (and no fake news, best of all).
Ok, to wit, as reported on the trusty ol’ entity of Facebook (shout out to Matt Bruneel for sharing about this), one Charles Harrison was enjoying a concert of Phish on an upper balcony at Madison Square Garden, Manhattan. He was filming the show on video (with surprisingly decent sound quality), dropped his phone off of the balcony… then must have looked down and… HAD IT THROWN BACK UP TO HIM BY A FELLOW SPECTATOR. What’s more, the device kept recording the whole time — it even depicts the tumble, the sort of physical phenomenon which transcends its own epochal uniqueness (the increased terminal velocity of small, compact objects) in obvious ways which I don’t even have to state.
So, just to sum up, we essentially have three different eerily awesome events to have taken place involving this one Charles Harrison at Phish: (a.) a fan somehow having a combined Nolan Ryan and Greg Maddux type arm to throw that thing back up there (being apparently neither pi**ed off that it hit him nor incapable of physical Herculeanism), (b.) a device which recorded the entire thing both audibly and visually the entire time, and (c.) the excellent opportunity for we music buffs to rave about its metaphysical powers — there is no doubt in my mind that the roots-American rock and roll groove generated by this band boisterously potentiated this act of anomalous physical human achievement, while in its lordly presence.
Please check out the firsthand illustration of the exploits here: https://www.facebook.com



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