“Mix 04102017”

Yo La Tengo – “The Summer”
Rolling Stones – “Jumping Jack Flash”
Wilco – “One by One” (live)
The Romantics – “What I Like about You”
Jane’s Addiction – “Of Course”
Pearl Jam – “Nothingman”
Ray Charles – “Georgia on My Mind”
Curtis Mayfield – “No Thing on Me”
Marcy Playground – “St. Joe on the School Bus”
The New Pornographers – “The Bones of an Idol”
Talking Heads – “Slippery People”
Modest Mouse – “Grey Ice Water”
Big Star – “Back of a Car”
R.E.M. – “Nightswimming”
Kanye West – “Addiction”
The Budos Band – “Aphasia”

18 thoughts on ““Mix 04102017”

  1. we are just dust – gives me pepierctsve when I’m looking at all I can’t do.Lainey, I love how this comment board is becoming like the AA for quitters, ha! No shame in your attempt, especially if YOU MADE A SKIRT! Let’s not talk about the sewing machine I have and never learned to use, OK?

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