“Just Being a Di** Again: The ‘Vinyl’ Craze Annulled by Beatles Project”

Amazon writes, for blurb on Rubber Soul vinyl remaster, Revolver remaster: “There has always been a demand for Beatles on vinyl.” Ok. so we’re enjoying the Beatles, but it could be better. Hmm, well let’s continue reading. We are, as they say, within a vinyl craze right now. “The project demanded the same meticulous approach taken for the CD releases, and the brief was a simple one: cut the digital remasters to vinyl with an absolute minimum of compromise to the sound.”
Now, I’m probably less of an expert on this than I should be, and I happen to enjoy the sound on vinyl of Neil Young and Stephen Stills’ “Long May You Run” (generally finding all things George Martin to sound like they were recorded through a leaf blower). Haha, sorry, I just have to laugh at this dude trying to defend vinyl here: “Because vinyl is an analog format, it’s doesn’t really suffer from the same problems” [1]. Well, as we saw from the excerpt from the Am blurb, they’re cutting the “digital masters,” using either the DMM, or the old fashioned lacquer on the nickel disc. Boy, my friends in high school would have loved Beatles on vinyl. We used to sit around getting sh**-a**-wasted, and I would always skip over “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.” Also, one time I expressed a slight discontent for the song “Eleanor Rigby” and my friend serenaded me with the following jollity: “Dude, EAT a DI**!”
[1] On a google search for “why vinyl records sound better”.

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