“Hereby Restating That Third Eye Blind is Not Truly Third Eye Blind without Kevin Cadogan”

Rock is a thing of the past, but old-timers aren’t (like me, so we hope)… hence all this recent hullabaloo over Third Eye Blind. The last place I saw their name recently in high-profile glint was on the page for some festival with The Shins and The XX, etc. If anyone wants to spot me a ticket, I’d appreciate it.
But during Third Eye Blind’s set, I might just go venture over to a drum circle, or help revive scurrilous youths who might have incurred alcohol poisoning. The reason? They are without their original guitarist, Kevin Cadogan.
Let’s backtrack here to the summer of 1997 — not generally heralded as a paramount time in music, though it should be, perhaps, since the auspicious state of the industry made for some considerable plurality in mainstream music. “Semi-Charmed Life” came out as a single, boasting a moderately kinetic “punk” m.o. (this was of course the decade of Nirvana and Everclear), and as we know a killer bout of “do-do-do”’s. My sister and my dad were bigger fans than me, with me veering a little more toward The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and anything wacky like that, but I did harbor somewhat of a sense of force from what they were doing. It didn’t strike me as the most original music ever: it’s possible that some saw it as a REACTION to something, or a necessary statement of slackerdom. I played football and rowed canoes around — as a boy of 14, with slackerdom basically allotted as my fate in life, I naturally rebelled against it.
The first thing I remember about this band as really making an impression was Kevin Cadogan’s riff in the opening of “How’s it Going to Be,” a song I still vouch for, and which carries the exact same tempo and rough timbre as successor album’s “Deep inside of You,” the 3EB single included currently on Dolby radio, and a pairing I handled in a post of three months or so ago comparing something like 10 different debut album/Blue sets. Some other great riffs by Cadogan are included within songs LIKE “Deep inside of You,” for one, as well as “Wounded,” the latter segment of “Jumper” and, probably my favorite, the trippy, serene closeur on their debut album, “God of Wine,” in the intro and throughout. Later in that song we get a sense of Cadogan’s ability to turn things up and really make your ear drums bleed (though not as effectively as does Everclear, mind you), and that’s not a bad thing at all. All in all, that song really works, a nice alternative to the chic, yuppy favorite “Motorcycle Drive by.” But those riffs, those introductory axe-croonings, I believe, truly helped make this band one of the biggest in the world in ’97, though I could name you probably 30 other great bands from around that time which are now buried under seasons of obscurity. But then, this is the age of information in which we live. Choose your distractions wisely, choose your “soft dive off oblivion” wisely.

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