Third Eye Blind/Blue Same-Tempo Pairings”

I was just doing these pairings of one song on Third Eye Blind, and one song on Blue, and I was matching song for song, pairings in which both songs have almost the exact same tempo.


“How’s it Going to Be”/“Deep inside of You”
“Semi-Charmed Life”/“10 Days Late”
“Jumper”/“The Red Summer Sun”
“Graduate”/“An Ode to Maybe”
“Losing a Whole Year”/“1000 Julys”
“Burning Man”/“Farther”
“Good for You”/“Darkness”
“The Background”/“Camouflage”
“I Want You”/“Darwin”
“God of Wine” is slightly faster than “Slow Motion”
“Good for You” is slightly slower than “Wounded” (these last two even each other out).


– There is no mimicking “Motorcycle Drive by,” except in a very noticeable mechanistic foray, so credit the band with the accolade of not attempting to do this.


– There is no tempo equal of “Never Let You Go.” Ironically, this is the song on Blue
which is the biggest ripoff, being a complete “Sweet Jane” mimic. It’s also one of the songs on the album which works particularly well.


But look at this: these two albums are so even in tempo it’s scary. Why is Blue better than Third Eye Blind? For the simple reason that it’s not worse, even though everybody thinks it is. It still includes ingenious guitarist Kevin Cadogan (whereas their album after it wouldn’t)… and it even manages probably one of the most blatant ripoffs in the history of rock (“Never Let You Go” of “Sweet Jane”), and this doesn’t even mess up the flow.

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