“Allotting Musics for Days of the Week”

Well, here it is Sunday, it’s Father’s Day and my dad is emailing me about motifs of God and heaven, and I can’t even listen to Collective Soul “Shine,” [1] despite the fact that just the other night, late Thursday night, I was out at the bar watching the NBA finals where they dress the girls up in spandex pants, desperately reeling within my mind in search of my own tactility-evading moral paradigm whereupon Collective Soul’s self-titled album plays a significant role with catchy and inspired numbers like “The World I Know” and “Bleed.” I just listened to Ween – “Among His Tribe” [2] on Spotify, hoping that I get some coolness points from my facebook friends there.

Wilson Pickett is only for Friday nights. Other than that, I guess I don’t have TOO many stipulations about music/days of the week, though I think that for some reason Thursday night is a time of violence, and a lot of workplace shootings probably happen on Fridays, during episodes following rock music’s budding failure to soothe and satiate.
[1] Or to be specific, the dust-covered CD copy I have of Collective Soul’s first album, Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid, on which “Shine” is the opener.
[2] And found it lacking somewhat in the visceral aspects of say a Pearl Jam who ARGUABLY, not definitely, but arguably, has ever written a better melody.

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